If you’re new to anarchism or are just bored as fuck, here’s some shit to look at:

crimethinc.com    – Anarchist Theory and some news

https://sub.media/  – Anarchist News videos, information videos, and documentaries

itsgoingdown.org   – Anarchist News

anarchistagency.com   –  PR for Anarchism

earthfirstjournal.org/newswire    – Radical Environmentalists/Green Anarchist News

foodnotbombs.net    – Food for the Homeless and in Need

fifthestate.org    – Longest Running Anarchist Paper

https://feralfutures.wordpress.com/   – Eco-Defense and Rewilding

http://metanoia-films.org/films/    – Rad Politics Films

http://www.iww.org/organize    – The coolest Union by far

nationinside.org    – Prison Ecology