What’s Going Down

The Trump Regime is ugly.  There is no doubt about that, except in some circles.  What it really is, is a continuation of free-market capitalism that was started a long while back… People fled europe in the 15th century to escape oligarchs and monarchs among other things. But those same principles of capitalism have followed.  The wealth and therefore the power has been retained within a select few of families.  What kind of equality is that?  Freedom of speech is corrupted on a daily basis, for example: how workers in the so called u.s. are controlled to not speak to co-workers about how much each individual makes.  This is an example how the owners of the companies we work for try and control the wages we make.  We don’t care what part of the political spectrum you come from, we are all working people except for the 1%.  Freedom of speech is being controlled by the people in power of our lives.  Whenever you hesitate to share your wages or your political views, your speech is being controlled by the power of the state and capitalism.  Start sharing your wages with co-workers, then start figuring out how to demand more payment for the work you do.  The owners are making a shit ton of money off of your daily labor.  They only exist because you provide their business with function.  Why don’t you deserve an equal pay with everyone working for the company involved (including the owners)… Do something about it, we can guarantee that co-workers and even managers will be interested in earning more.

Peace, Love, and Anarchism for all,

Big Breath


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